This course promotes…

  • Wellness

    Above all else, the development of personal wellness is the main aim of all effective educational programs.

  • Academic Performance

    By targeting key neural centers, we are showing where these practices are improving overall cognitive processing, and thus academic performance.

  • Community

    Through the regulation of key emotional centers, inter and intra personal relationships are enhance, as is the culture of your academic organization

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Shane Titus

IB Educator and Administrator

Steve Lawrence is the teacher and life coach we all wish for our children. His One-Pointed Mind Workshops are a culmination of a life passionately dedicated to the principles and practices of wellness, mindfulness and love. In our current times, Steve's teachings are the gift your school community needs. This OPM series will inspire and motivate your team to create authentic wellness and meaningful change. For me personally, it is not a stretch to share that Steve's teachings are akin to a gift from elsewhere. They have remained in my daily life for over a decade, and have made me a better person.

A Family Practice

Dr. Hera Ali

My sisters and I were first exposed to the concept of meditation by Mr. Lawrence. We had a high stakes exam coming up and the thought of how our future depends on it consumed our minds. After attempting this form of meditation we realized how such an effortless process could allow the mind to experience such calmness and inner peace. I recommended this to my brother (whose also a physician), and would insist on it becoming a regular practice within schools.

Julie Bellian

International School Counsellor and Holistic Therapist

I believe this is a foundation for everything else that we want to happen in schools: learning, motivation, concentration, collaboration, happiness, good meetings, training... If we can get it into our school, we can shed a lot of distress, and make our striving count for more.

David Gray

Laguna Greek HS - California

As a teacher, I know that sometimes some students have difficulty with concentration and focus in the classroom due to psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, or stress, and even cognitive conditions such as sleep deprivation. Taking this course will allow teachers to assist students (and teachers themselves) with becoming more relaxed and focused in the classroom.

Sebastian Kasiuk

Qatar Academy - Doha

The One Pointed Mind workshop is a must have in your teacher tool belt. This course offers students, teachers and parents the reassurance that concentration and one pointed attention has a lasting impact that is backed up by research and hours of application. With time, students begin to appreciate each individual task or challenge with an understanding of what is happening internally and within their own environment.

A Personal Practice

Hamed A. Matawi

A very enlightening and eye opening experience from a learner's view. Early on I recall before exams, after recess/lunch, when students are least concentrated and comprehensive, Mr. Lawrence would consistently walk through a guided class meditation. The practice had enhanced the learning experience in such noticeable ways, the students were well focused and more aware, relaxed, oddly peaceful, and more comprehensive during the class. To this day, I find myself meditating similarly to the way we learned in order to enhance my focus, relax my mind, and comprehend complicated situations effectively.

Alison Roberts

IB Educator and Team-Leader

As research about mindfulness in the classroom increasingly shows us the importance of this practice in education, Steve's One-Pointed Mind workshops meet the practical needs of teachers and shows them how to guide students towards emotional well-being.

This 6-week course can be done on your own or with full-time coaching support throughout the duration of the course. This coaching support will include discussion around your weekly progress and recommendations for further growth.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. (Mother Theresa)


Founder & Director

Steven Lawrence

For the past twelve years, Steve has been a teacher and therapist in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and China. Steve acquired a bachelor in Social Studies Education and eventually a master’s in Technology Integration in Education. Steve is currently completing the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Saybrook University with a focus in Transpersonalism and meditative practices as treatment. Prior to becoming a teacher, Steve was introduced to meditation at the American Meditation Institute in Upstate New York. Once a teacher, it was clear to him how meditative practices belong in education, so Steve immediately set out to share these ideas with his students, colleagues, and clients. Since then, The One-Pointed Mind Workshops (OPM) have grown to include a range of topics, being shared in schools and professional development workshops in seven countries. Steve has recently retired from the classroom and resides in Upstate New York, where he focuses full-time on OPM and his therapy practice.

Program Developer & Instructor

Iliana Lourie

Iliana considers herself a lifelong learner who is passionate about student learning and wellbeing. She moved from her home country of Guatemala to the USA to earn a B.S. degree in Biochemistry and has always been interested in understanding the processes of the mind. Iliana has served in education for 16 years as an instructional coach and technology coordinator, a teacher, and a champion for student social-emotional learning. She has taught Math, Science, and Technology in a variety of settings and grade levels ranging from Primary to High School in private and public charter schools in Georgia, USA as well as public and international schools in China. During her time as a teacher, she developed programs for differentiation to meet the needs of all learners and implemented meditation in the classroom to aid with attention and well-being. As an instructional coach, she has promoted classroom practices that are student-centered, keeping meditation at the core of planning. Iliana has leveraged her MEd in Instructional Technology to reimagine our classrooms.

Instructional Coach

Monica G. Sandifer

Monica Gonzales Sandifer is a veteran educator with a Master’s in Education, is a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) coach, a certified yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and engages in the ancient art of Tibetan Bowl sound healing. Born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia in the Andes, Monica brings many years of valuable experiences both in and outside of the field of education to meet her clients where they’re at. Monica has been instrumental in implementing mindfulness programs within the schools she has worked, and this experience stems from her training both in India under Guruji Satya as well as her training under the Palouse school of mindfulness. As a former ballerina Monica appreciates the power of movement as therapy and the myriad of ways wellness can be incorporated into the lives of children and adults within a school setting. She is looking forward to working with you!